Simpson Family Literary Project


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.




The Simpson Family Literary Project honors the profound impact of Barclay and Sharon Simpson and their family, distinguished philanthropic sustainers of the arts and education. For many years, they have inspired us all by championing the work and lives of artists, students, life-long learners, and underserved children. 

The Simpson Family Literary Project pursues two overarching and closely connected objectives: lasting educational outreach into schools, universities, and libraries, as well as celebrating and supporting authors across a great spectrum: from fledging young writers to mid-career writers of distinction to internationally celebrated authors.

The Simpson Family Literary Project offers three core initiatives: outreach to high school-age writers, a writer in residence program, and a national literary prize. Learn more about our programs.


A collaboration of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation and the University of California, Berkeley, English Department.




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Project Committee


Joe Di Prisco
Chair, Author & Educator


Donald McQuade
English Professor, Author, and Vice Chancellor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

Beth Needel
Executive Director, Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation


Joyce Carol Oates
Author, Professor


Genaro Padilla
Chair, English Department, Vice Chancellor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley


Vickie Sciacca
Senior Community Library Manager, Lafayette Public Library